BlackStar Film Festival | Cinematography Roundtable Featuring Eric Branco
August 25, 2020

by BlackStar Film Festival

Conversation: Cinematography Roundtable: Eric Branco, Michael Fernandez and Shawn Peters

Join Eric Branco (Forty-Year-Old Version, 2020), Michael Fernandez (The Burial of Kojo, 2019), and Shawn Peters (Random Acts of Flyness, 2018) as they discuss craft, style, and tapping into the ethereal and sensory dimensions intrinsic to script and story. These prolific cinematographers will show select scenes from recent work, allowing us to peek into the process of bringing personal artistic accents to the emotional and visual tenor of the scene thereby creating the perfect shot and ultimately serving the work’s narrative trajectory.

This panel is free and open to the public. It will stream live with closed captioning on August 25th from this web page as well as BlackStar’s Facebook page.

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