Film Roundtable | A Conversation Between Cinematographers, Including Eric Branco
April 23, 2021

by Film Roundtable

In this Roundtable we are joined by Cinematographers Rodney Taylor (ASC), Tommy Maddox Upshaw (ASC), and Eric Branco.

Rodney has been a long time Television DP and his recent credits include Swagger and Ballers. Tommy is also a veteran of the Television world and recently became a member of the ASC; his recent credits include Empire and Snowfall. Eric has established himself in the indie film world, and his latest films are Clemency, which won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2019 and The Forty-Year-Old Version, which won the US Dramatic Award at Sundance in 2020. He also recently shot his first TV series for HBO.

A broad range of topics are discussed, including how to transition into Television from the movie world, how the genres differ, the toll the industry can have on family life, and what these filmmakers have learned from previous mistakes.

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