YES, GOD, YES, Lensed by Todd A. Somodevilla, Gets Release Date and Trailer
June 26, 2020

by Tom Reimann, Collider

The first trailer for Yes, God, Yes, a coming of age comedy written and directed by Obvious Child co-writer Karen Maine, takes us back to the early 2000s as experienced through the eyes of a Catholic high school student Alice (Natalie Dyer) going through an extremely conflicted sexual awakening. After discovering masturbation, a guilt-ridden Alice goes to a religious youth retreat to try and “get right” with Jesus, but the thirst only compounds thanks in no small part to an aggressively handsome teenage counselor (Wolfgang Novogratz) who looks like he should’ve been in MTV’s Teen Wolf.

High school is, bar none, the horniest period of your entire life, and Yes, God, Yes looks like a brutally honest but fun take from a perspective of enforced repression that we generally don’t see very often. After three seasons on Stranger Things and a low-key hilarious supporting role in Velvet Buzzsaw, Dyer seems more than capable of carrying an introspective comedy. The trailer shows her deftly navigating several awkward encounters and understated comedic beats, which leaves me excited to see her full performance. The supporting cast also looks great, running the spectrum of goofily earnest teenagers trying their very best not to bone at Jesus Camp (and in some cases failing miserably). There’s also a fun reminder of how laborious downloading porn was on enormously clunky desktop computers in the early aughts.

Check out the trailer below. Yes, God, Yes will be hitting Virtual Cinemas and select drive-ins on July 24, and will launch on VOD and digital platforms July 28.

Director of Photography: Todd A. Somodevilla