Award December 13, 2021

Golden Globes 2022 Nominations with Innovative Artists Clients Kathleen Felix-Hager, John Brawley, ACS, Mathew Barber, Annie Eifrig, Lyn Paolo, and Amy Duddleston, ACE

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Press August 23, 2021

THE MORNING SHOW: Season 2 Trailer, Director of Photography John Brawley, ACS

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Festival June 23, 2021

TIFF 2021: Initial Lineup Featuring Work from Gavin Gregory, Nicola Daley, ACS, John Brawley, ACS & Lee Haugen

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Press June 19, 2021

Huzzah. John Brawley, ACS and THE GREAT

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Press December 14, 2020

The TV Shows People Streamed the Most in 2020, Featuring Work from Various IA Clients

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Press December 11, 2020

Vulture's Best TV Shows of 2020 is Stacked with Innovative Clients' Work

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Press October 8, 2020

How Top Cinematographers, Including John Brawley, Are Working With New Safety Protocols

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Press July 7, 2020

The Cinematography Podcast: DP John Brawley Discusses THE GREAT, Creating His Visual Manifesto for the Satiric Show, and More

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Press June 10, 2020

The Best TV Shows of 2020, So Far - Featuring Work from DP John Brawley and DP Rhet Bear

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Press June 8, 2020

Creator Tony McNamara On Mixing Funny With Formality in THE GREAT, Lensed by John Brawley

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Press May 17, 2020

Elle Fanning on Growing Up and THE GREAT, Lensed by John Brawley

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Press May 8, 2020

Review: THE GREAT, Lensed by John Brawley

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