Press June 18, 2023

Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award Winner: 'The Perfect Find,' Highlighting Work by Editor Paul Millspaugh, ACE

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Press June 20, 2023

Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers Charm in Fashion-Forward Netflix Swooner, 'The Perfect Find' Edited by Paul Millspaugh, ACE

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Award November 15, 2020

People's Choice Awards 2020 | Winning and Nominated Projects Stacked with Innovative Clients' Work

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Press July 26, 2020

THE KISSING BOOTH 2 - Edited by Paul Millspaugh - Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie, Turns TWILIGHT Into A Teen-Friendly Romantic Comedy

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Press July 24, 2020

Review: THE KISSING BOOTH 2, Edited by Paul Millspaugh

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Press July 13, 2018

It’s the Movie Hit of the Summer: Kissing Booth

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