Press January 25, 2024

BFE Cut Above Awards: Several Innovative Artists Clients Nominated

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Award December 11, 2023

Golden Globes 2024: Nominations List Announced

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Press August 20, 2023

‘Ted Lasso’ Editor A.J. Catoline, ACE Talks the Freedom of Hour Episodes, Beard’s Heartfelt Confession in ‘Mom City’

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Press August 22, 2022

‘Ted Lasso’ Editors Tease Season 3, Upcoming Character Arcs in ‘Behind the Screen’

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Press July 1, 2021

‘Ted Lasso’ Editors on the Series’ Unexpected Joys and Challenges: ‘I Cry Editing This Show

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Press June 14, 2021

Ted Lasso’s Seamless Single-Cam Editing Captures the Comedy’s Collaborative Spirit

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Press January 16, 2021

Apple TV + Presents 10 Minutes with Melissa McCoy and A.J. Catoline, ACE the Editors for "Ted Lasso"

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