Michael Andrews, ACE Wins BFE Cut Above Award for Best Edited Single Animation
February 20, 2024

 Written by James Harvey, Film Stories

Imagine a world without film and TV editors. It doesn’t bear thinking about, really. Making anything with a camera at all would be bloody hard, for a start, and then you’d have to use that take where Idris Elba realised he had yoghurt on his trousers. Oh, behave.

Good job, then, we’ve got British Film Editors, the non-profit association dedicated to the art of sticking all those bits of footage together to make something sensible-looking. Every year, they hold the Cut Above Awards, a celebration of editing achievement comparable to the guild awards in the States.

Held on 16th February, the 2024 awards pitched current awards favourites Oppenheimer and Poor Things alongside documentaries like Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Beckham and The Deepest Breath.

Check out the full list of award-winners, chosen by editors from the British film industry, below:

Best Edited Single Animation

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Michael Andrews, ACE