Bella Thorne Has Already Made $2 Million on OnlyFans - Promo Lensed by Matthew Chavez
August 26, 2020

by Hannah Gold, The Cut

Bella Thorne has found validation, enormous sums of money, career opportunities, and attention by creating an OnlyFans account this week.

The Los Angeles Times reports that last Wednesday the 22-year-old actress joined the subscription-based social-media platform, which allows adult entertainers, influencers, musicians, and other artists and content creators to charge a fee for their feeds, which might be too explicit for other platforms. Thorne entered the fray, charging $20 for access to her page, and racked up $1 million in a day (OnlyFans said in a press release that it’s the most any creator on its platform has made on their first day). By the following Tuesday, Thorne said she’d made $2 million off her feed.

Thorne told the Times over text message that she plans to invest the money she earned on OnlyFans in her production company and donate the rest to charity; sex workers have criticized her, though, for capitalizing on the platform without amplifying the needs of full-time sex workers, many of whom face censorship and stigma. Thorne said she got into OnlyFans as research for a movie she’s making with Sean Baker, who previously directed The Florida Project and Tangerine. Thorne told the Times of the upcoming film, “It’s a feature we are researching as I’m living it currently. What are the ins and outs? What does a platform like this do to its users?”

Nonetheless we might not get to see this movie anytime soon. A source told the Times that the project is “very early in its development … and probably years away from turning into anything.”

For the moment, Thorne plans to expand her OnlyFans repertoire. She will offer writing and songwriting classes. That I would like to see.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans Promo Director of Photography: Matthew Chavez


Photo courtesy of Emma Holly Jones