"Grown-ish" Cinematographer Mark Doering-Powell, ASC: 2022 Emmy Nominee
July 12, 2022

written by the ASC staff, American Society of Cinematographers

Society members Autumn Durald Arkapaw, Gary BaumAva Berkofsky, Mark Doering-Powell, Wolfgang HeldGregory Middleton, Donald A. MorganM. David Mullen, Ben RichardsonSteven V. Silver and Checco Varese were among those announced this morning as nominees for the Television Academy’s upcoming 74th Annual Emmy Awards. 

This is the first Emmy nomination for Arkapaw, a new member of the ASC, for her work on the superhero series Loki

Honored this year for his work on How I Met Your Father, this marks Baum’s 11th Emmy nomination, previously recognizes for the series Gary Unmarried, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly (for which he won in 2015), The Millers, Superior Donuts and Will & Grace (for which he won in 2018).  

Berkofsky earned two previous Emmy nominations for her series Insecure, in 2919 and 2020, as well as an ASC Award nomination last year.

Doering-Powell earned a previous nomination for his series grown-ish in 2021, as well as two nominations for the series Everybody Hates Chris, in 2006 and 2009.

This is a second nomination for Held, a new member of the ASC and recognized this year for The Andy Warhol Diaries. He previously won an Emmy in 2008 for the non-fiction program Carrier

Nominated this year for Moon Knight, Middleton won an Emmy in 2020 for the series Watchmen. He earned previous nominations for Game of Thrones in 2015 and 2016.

Morgan’s nomination this year for The Conners brings his total Emmy nods in this category to an even 20 — previously winning seven times for Home Improvement (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999) and three times for The Ranch (2017, 2019, 2020).

This is Mullen’s fourth nomination for his work on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, for which he took home the Emmy in 2019 and 2020. He has also earned three ASC Award nominations for his work on the show.

This is the 12th nomination in this category for Silver. Recognized this year for his work on B Positive, he previously won three times for Two and a Half Men (2007, 2011 and 2012).

These are the first Emmy nominations for Richardson and Varese, for their work in 1883 and Dopesick, respectively. 

Below are all the nominees in the Emmy categories that honor expert camerawork. (A complete list of all nominees in every category is available here.)

Outstanding Cinematography For A Multi-Camera Series
B Positive • “Dagobah, A Room, And A Chimney Sweep” • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television
Steven V. Silver, ASC, Director of Photography

The Conners • “The Wedding of Dan and Louise” • ABC • Werner Entertainment
Donald A. Morgan, ASC, Director of Photography

How I Met Your Father • “Pilot” • Hulu • 20th Television
Gary Baum, ASC, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography for A Single-Camera Series (Half-Hour)
Atlanta • “Three Slaps” • FX • FX Productions
Christian Sprenger, Director of Photography

Barry • “starting now” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO in association with Alec Berg and Hanarply
Carl Herse, Director of Photography

grown-ish • “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” • Freeform • ABC Signature
Mark Doering-Powell, ASC, Director of Photography

Hacks • “The Click” • HBO/HBO Max • Universal Television in association with Paulilu, First Thought Productions, Fremulon Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment
Adam Bricker, Director of Photography

Insecure • “Reunited, Okay?!” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO in association with Hoorae, A Penny For Your Thoughts Entertainment and 3 Arts Entertainment
Ava Berkofsky, ASC, Director of Photography

Russian Doll • “Nowhen” • Netflix • Universal Television Paper Kite Productions, Jax Media and 3 Arts Entertainment for Netflix
Ula Pontikos, BSC, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography for A Single-Camera Series (One Hour)
Euphoria • “The Theater and Its Double” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO in association with ADD Content Agency | HOT | TCDY Productions, Dreamcrew, Tiny Goat, A24 and The Reasonable Bunch
Marcell Rév, HCA, Director of Photography

Loki • “Lamentis” • Disney+ • Marvel Studios
Autumn Durald Arkapaw, ASC, Director of Photography

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • “How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? ” • Prime Video • Amazon Studios
M. David Mullen, ASC, Director of Photography

Ozark • “A Hard Way To Go” • Netflix • MRC for Netflix
Eric Koretz, Director of Photography

Squid Game • “Stick to The Team” • Netflix • Siren Pictures for Netflix
Lee Hyung-deok, Director of Photography

Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty • “Pieces of A Man” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO in association with HyperObject Industries, Steeplechase Amusements, Jim Hecht Productions and Jason Shuman Productions
Todd Banhazl, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography for A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie
Dopesick • “Breakthrough Pain” • Hulu • 20th Television, Danny Strong Productions, John Goldwyn Productions, The Littlefield Company
Checco Varese, ASC, Director of Photography

1883 • “1883” • Paramount+ • Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, 101 Studios, MTV Entertainment Studios
Ben Richardson, ASC, Director of Photography

1883 • “Lightning Yellow Hair” • Paramount+ • Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, 101 Studios, MTV Entertainment Studios
Christina Alexandra Voros, Director of Photography

Gaslit • “Will” • STARZ • UCP in association with Esmail Corp, Anonymous Content, Red Om Films, The Slate Group
Larkin Seiple, Director of Photography

Moon Knight • “Asylum” • Disney+ • Marvel Studios
Gregory Middleton, ASC, CSC, Director of Photography

Station Eleven • “Wheel of Fire” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO Max presents a Paramount Television Studios production in association with Tractor Beam Productions, Shadowfox Productions, Stone Village Television, Inc., Pacesetter Productions, and Super Frog
Christian Sprenger, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography for A Nonfiction Program
The Andy Warhol Diaries • “Collab: Andy & Basquiat” • Netflix • Abstract Submarine for Netflix
Wolfgang Held, ASC, Director of Photography

McCartney 3, 2, 1 • “These Things Bring You Together” • Hulu • Hulu, Endeavor Content, A Tetragrammaton, Film 45, Kennedy/Marshall Company, MPL Communications
Stuart Winecoff, Director of Photography

100 Foot Wave • “Chapter IV – Dancing With God” • HBO/HBO Max • HBO in association with Topic Studios, Library Films, Amplify Pictures, React Films and Cinetic
Mike Prickett, Director of Photography
Laurent Pujol, Cinematography by

Our Great National Parks • “Chilean Patagonia” • Netflix • A Netflix Documentary Series / A Wild Space Production in association with Higher Ground Productions & Freeborne Media
Christiaan Muñoz-Salas, Cinematography by
Ignacio Walker, Cinematography by

Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy • “Venice” • CNN • CNN Original Series, RAW
Andrew Muggleton, Director of Photography

We Feed People • Disney+ • National Geographic Documentary Films Presents an Imagine Documentaries Production
Kris Kaczor, Director of Photography

Outstanding Cinematography for A Reality Program
The Amazing Race • Series Body of Work • CBS • WorldRace Productions, Inc.
Josh Gitersonke, Director of Photography
Joshua Argue, Camera
Kathryn Barrows, Camera
Marc Bennett, Camera
Denise Borders, Camera
Petr Cikhart, Camera
Dave D'Angelo, Camera
Chris Ellison, Camera
Adam Haisinger, Camera
Kevin R. Johnson, Camera
Daniel Long, Camera
Jeff Philips, Camera

Deadliest Catch • Series Body of Work • Discovery Channel • Original Productions, LLC for the Discovery Channel
David Reichert, Director of Photography
Bryan Miller, Director of Photography
Kelvon Agee, Director of Photography
Charlie Beck, Director of Photography
Todd Stanley, Director of Photography
Dave Arnold, Director of Photography
Nathan Garofalos, Director of Photography
Shane Moore, Director of Photography
Randy Lee, Director of Photography
Jacob Tawney, Director of Photography
Sam Henderson, Camera
Carson Doyle, Camera
Antonio Baca, Camera

Life Below Zero • “Fire in The Sky” • National Geographic • BBC Studios for National Geographic
Danny Day, Director of Photography
Michael Cheeseman, Director of Photography
Simeon Houtman, Director of Photography

Lizzo's Watch Out For The Big Grrrls • HBCYou Band • Prime Video • Amazon Studios
Michael Jacob Kerber, Director of Photography

RuPaul's Drag Race • Series Body of Work • VH1 • World of
Michael Jacob Kerber, Director of Photography
Jay Mack Arnette II, Camera
Jason Cooley, Camera
Pauline Edwards, Camera
Mario Panagiotopoulos,
Brett Smith,
Jeremiah Smith, Camera
Justin Umphenour, Camera
Jon Schneider, Camera

Survivor • Series Body of Work • CBS • MGM Television
Scott Duncan, Director of Photography
Peter Wery, Director of Photography
Russ Fill, Director of Photography
Christopher Barker, Director of Photography
Granger Scholtz, Director of Photography
Josh Bartel, Camera
Marc Bennett, Camera
Paulo Castillo, Camera
Rodney Chauvin, Camera
Chris Ellison, Camera
Glenn Louis Evans, Camera
David J. Frederick, Camera
Ben Gamble, Camera
Kevin B. Garrison, Camera
Nixon George, Camera
Matthias Hoffmann, Camera
Toby Hogan, Camera
Efrain "Mofi" Laguna, Camera
Jeff Phillips, Camera
Louis Powell, Camera
Erick G. Sarmiento, Camera
Dirk Steyn, Camera
John Tattersall, Camera
Holly Tompson, Camera
Paulo Velozo, Camera
Ryan Hermosura, Camera
Callum Andrews, Camera

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