Michael Andrews, ACE press
Editing Podcast l Spider-Verse Editor Michael Andrews, ACE Reveals The Secret To Cut Action
November 14, 2023

Welcome to The Editing Podcast, where storytelling meets the art of post-production. In this captivating episode, hosts Hayden Hillier Smith and Jordan Orme dive deep into the world of editing with none other than Michael Andrews, the brilliant mind behind the groundbreaking animated film, "Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse." We unravel the secrets behind the film's mesmerizing opening drumming sequence as Michael takes us on a journey through the creative process that brought this revolutionary moment to the big screen. The hosts and Michael share insights into the challenges, inspirations, and collaborative efforts that shaped this unique and unforgettable cinematic experience. Then the conversation steers towards the action-packed train sequence, a pivotal moment in "Across The Spiderverse." Hear firsthand about the editing decisions that elevated the intensity, rhythm, and emotion of this high-stakes scene. The hosts and Michael dissect the intricacies of crafting dynamic sequences that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Join us for an engaging discussion that goes beyond the cut and splice, delving into the artistry and technical prowess required to edit a film of this caliber. Whether you're an aspiring editor, a film enthusiast, or simply curious about the creative process, this episode of The Editing Podcast offers a unique peek into the world of editing at its finest.

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