Zac Efron Stars in New Campaign for Bombas Socks Lensed by DP Luca Fantini
January 17, 2020

Check out the new campaign for Bombas Socks starring Zac Efron and lensed by Director of Photography Luca Fantini.


Zac Efron never holds anything back – not when he's singing in a high school, not when he's rescuing people on the beach, and certainly not when he's testing Bombas Hex Tec performance socks.

In a humorous new campaign created by NYC-based indie film and content studio Bindery and in partnership with Bombas, a comfort-focused DTC apparel brand, the spots enlist Efron to test out its performance socks and make sure that they live up to the “Efron standard.”

In the :90 hero spot, Efron receives a box of Hex Tec socks from Bombas co-founders - Dave Heath and Randy Goldberg - asking him to put them through the ringer. Efron then engineers a series of tests...some more unconventional than others.

Bombas has had a relationship with Efron since 2017. For every pair of socks it sells, Bombas donates to those in-need, at risk or experiencing homelessness since socks are the #1 most requested item in U.S. homeless shelters. To date, Bombas has donated over 30MM pairs of socks.