BEST SELLER Short Film, Lensed by Jeff Leeds Cohn, is Vimeo's Current Staff Pick
January 26, 2021

by Nora Kirkpatrick, Vimeo

When the reigning queen of the Home Shopping Network is killed live on-the-air during a hair drying demonstration gone wrong, her three venomous, power-hungry disciples enter into a cutthroat competition for her coveted time slot.

Written and Directed by: Nora Kirkpatrick
Co-written by: Dennis McNicholas

Marla - Beth Grant
Laurel - Noureen DeWulf
Charleese - Erinn Hayes
Cindy - Jen Tullock
Junior - Barry Rothbart
Rodney - Nico Santos

Produced by: Olivia Wilde, Jessica Elbaum, John Lang, David Carrico, James Parrinello
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Music By: Mitchell Yoshida
DP: Jeff Leeds Cohn
Costumes: Bryn Carter
Stunts: Jess Harbeck
HMU: Alex Perrone
Editor: Al LeVine
Associate Producer: Justin Hogan, Christa Boarini