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DP Eric Koretz Awarded the Bisato d'Or Prize for MOSQUITO STATE at Venice Film Festival
September 12, 2020

by The First News

Eric Koretz, the Polish director of photography for Filip Jan Rymysza's psychedelic horror movie 'Mosquito State' was awarded the Bisato d'Or prize by critics at this year's 77th Venice Film Festival.

Koretz was recognised for "the capacity to revive the Kafkaesque reality of deceiving the viewer that he is able to escape from the nightmares of his own mind."

Information about the prize was sent to PAP by the film's producer - Wytwornia Filmow Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych (WFDiF). A communique stated that Koretz was distinguished for "the master work on a film full of metaphors and visions, that combines dreams and nightmares - a film that thanks to its photography calls up strange but strong and extreme emotions."

Acting director of WFDiF Maciej Stanecki said the critics appreciated what from the very start the film's producers recognised as the film's great strength. "The coherent visual layer of the operator Eric Koretz was noticed and distinguished out of the many films that were shown in Venice," the communique stated. "This is our huge success."

The film 'Mosquito State,' shown at the 77th Venice Film Festival outside of the competition, is the story of Richard Boc, an anti-social Wall Street data analyst living in a glazed penthouse with a view of Central Park. One day, mosquitos start to proliferate in his apartment and strange things start happening at work. Richard observes computer simulations that start to behave in peculiar ways. Crisis hangs in the air. The film, set at the time of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, features Beau Knapp, Charlotte Vega, Jack Kesy and Oliver Martinez.