LOST IN SPACE Season Two Is an "Immersive Adventure", Edited by Mark Hartzell, Costume Design by Christine Thomson
December 18, 2019

by Merill Barr, Forbes

Few Netflix originals hit as hard a home run last year as Lost in Space. A reboot of the beloved sci-fi franchise, the series brought a ton of charm and stylings to the streamer that a large majority of its originals tend to scoff at. But now, after so long away, there is a concern of whether the show has managed to maintain those stylings that made it such a beast in its first season. Well, those who are worried will be happy to know the answer is a resounding yes.

Picking up seven months after the events of the season one finale, the show makes quick work of re-acclimating viewers by skipping over the part that would show the Robinsons working to find a safe place to head to after being blasted into a new galaxy - the robot’s home galaxy specifically - following their most recent adventure.

The first minutes back with the family are all about displaying their strengths so as to set their latest journey in motion for the second season, which is a truly lean piece of meat, to say the least. But then, as the series progresses, we get to watch it go in new and bolder directions that will perfectly service those craving more from the furthering adventures of the Robinson family.

Additionally, this season of the show once again leans heavily on the throwback “science heroes” aspects of its concept. Like last season, there are moments aplenty where the family uses their whit and smarts to solve a problem rather than utilizing the tried and true brute force method of many of its contemporaries.

Of course, that isn’t to say the show isn’t filled with plenty of pulse-pounding action and tension to make any and all interested in continuing with the series.

Overall, the new season of Lost in Space rocks the house with a high-octane story that will serve binge-watchers well this holiday season. While the wait for this latest crop of episodes was long, it was ultimately worth it. The show is back and firing on all cylinders. It’s fun, smart and never, for a second, spends more time than it needs to delivering on its promise to audiences of an immersive adventure with a family up against impossible odds on a regular basis.


Editor Mark Hartzell

Costume Designer Christine Thomson