Sunwink’s First-Ever Campaign, Lensed by Luca Fantini, Encourages People to Redefine Wellness on Their Own Terms
April 27, 2021

by Tiffany Moustakas, Adweek

Comedian Robyn Schall stars in a spot illustrating how the space often gives consumers conflicting advice

Before speaking to an audience about its products, Sunwink’s Jordan Schenck and Eliza Ganesh needed to listen to them first.

The cofounders of the herbal wellness brand spent about a year learning about consumers when they discovered just how much people are discouraged by the health and wellness space. In its own independent study with The Harris Poll, Schenck and Ganesh found that 62% of Americans said health and wellness results they’ve seen in the industry are “unrealistic or unhealthy.” On top of that, 51% of Gen Z and millennials said that they’re intimidated by what they see within the space.

“It does feel like a walled garden of perfection,” Schenck said. “You have to have a certain look, you have to have a certain amount of money, you have to live in a certain place to be able to achieve this … ‘ultimate wellness.’”

After developing Sunwink for three years, Schenck and Ganesh feel they’ve reached a stage in their business to unveil its first-ever campaign: “When Wellness Feels Impossible.” A new 40-second spot from the brand stars comedian Robyn Schall, known for her viral TikTok where she reads a list of her 2020 goals. In the ad, Schall is reading a book with 1 million wellness tips when voices are suddenly giving her conflicting advice like “wake up at 5 a.m., but also get a good night’s sleep,” and “eat red meat, but also go raw,” before broader messaging encourages viewers to stick to plants and define wellness in their own way.  


Ganesh noted that Schall was the “perfect antidote” to people’s overwhelming feelings about wellness.

“She makes you laugh, she’s a real human, you wish she was at the dining table with you sharing a meal because she feels like your best friend, and that whole idea of playfulness and levity is a perfect contrast to perfectionism,” Ganesh said.

Ganesh added that realistic imagery is a priority for the company, as Sunwink continues to grow. “Health and wellness shouldn’t feel inaccessible,” she said. “It shouldn’t feel like it’s for ‘that other group over there but not me.’ It’s something that looks different for every person, but it’s something we hope every person has access to.”

To complement “When Wellness Feels Impossible,” Sunwink has also released its 2021 impact report, which outlines the brand’s consumer research, and also provides a roadmap for its internal impact, sustainability and diversity and inclusion goals.

“We hope that the work is a calling in for other wellness leaders in the industry,” Ganesh said.

Although it’s “sort of faux pas to share your brand strategy and brand research,” according to Schenck, she thinks it’s only fair to use in order to possibly inspire other brands to take a similar approach.

“I think when, as a brand, you receive information that means that all of us can work to do better, you should share it,” she said. “It’s important that we all do the work and listen to folks, especially when we’re in the space of health and wellness.”


Production Company: tinygiant

Director: Aleksandra Kingo

DP: Luca Fantini

Executive Producer: Veronica Diaferia

Editorial & Finishing: Gattie and Lopez

Managing Partner: Sue Willis

Executive Producer:  Anna Petitti

Editor: Greg Ryan

Color/VFX/Online: Chris Tralli

Sound: Adam Charity


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