CD Molly Maginnis Discusses Season 2 of HOMECOMING
November 13, 2019

via The Costume Designer

After finishing Our Lady of Perpetual Grace for EPIX in Santa Fe, CD Molly Maginnis returned to Brooklyn to get serious about painting. She was working in the Allegheny mountains when her agent told her the director for Season 2 of Amazon’s Homecoming wanted to Skype her. Maginnis read the first two scripts and was hooked. Director Kyle Alvarez absolutely charmed her with his original take on the story as it picks up in a fascinating, dangerous turn. Add to this, Janelle Monáe (an absolute genius, according to Maginnis), Hong Chau, Chris Cooper, and Joan Cusack. “Janelle’s character is a chameleon of sorts. I got to move between high fashion and bad-ass for her.” The first season concentrated on a military theme, but this season allowed Maginnis to create a hipper look akin to Google or Snapchat offices. Assisted by CD Samantha Schwartz, Maginnis shares, “We’ve been shooting all over LA and did some gorgeous work up in Lake Arrowhead. The show promises to take the viewer on a strange, wild ride and I was pleased to contribute a distinct look to the project.” Universal has teamed up with Amazon and Julia Roberts is producing.