Timothy Good, ACE press
Work by Innovative Artists' Clients Featured in 2019's Most Watched Shows Worldwide
December 20, 2019

Congratulations to all our clients whose work is featured in the most watched shows of 2019:  

Lucifer, Director of Photography Tom Camarda

Thirteen Reasons Why, Editors Sue Blainey, ACE, Rich Fox, Jacques Gravett, ACE, and Matt Ramsey

Orange is The New Black, Editor Amy Fleming

You, Director of Photography Cort Fey, ASC

The Umbrella Academy, Editors Amy Duddleston and Timothy Good 

Atypical, Editors David Codron and David Helfand

Marvel's Jessica Jones, Line Producer Tim Iacofano and Costume Designer Liz Vastola

The Society, Line Producer Pavlina Hatoupis 


Original Article by Dana Feldman, Forbes

The streaming wars in 2019 took on a new level of intensity with additional services from Disney and Apple joining the fray. Consumers were already busy navigating Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu for what to watch and the choices were already limitless.

The addition of Disney+ and Apple TV+ to the mix left many entertainment seekers overwhelmed with an overabundance of choices. Had we hit the point of over-saturation? Analysts concluded that supply had well exceeded consumer demand.

This left word-of-mouth and social media in powerful positions as many turned to others to help them decide which shows were worth their time. So, what was everyone busy bingeing?

According to TV Time, the below 20 shows were the most-watched worldwide this year. Of the series listed, all but one are on Netflix: Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Of note, Netflix’s Money Heist (aka La Casa de Papel) did exceptionally well for the streamer. The third season of the Spanish show was the most-watched Netflix series across non-English-language territories with 44 million households watching the show in its first four weeks. Fans cannot wait for season four, which is premiering in 2020.

1.    Lucifer

2.    Stranger Things

3.    13 Reasons Why

4.    Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel

5.    Orange Is The New Black

6.    The Handmaid’s Tale

7.    Sex Education

8.    Elite

9.    You

10.  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

11.  The Umbrella Academy

12.  Black Mirror

13.  Dark

14.  Marvel’s The Punisher

15.  Atypical

16.  Love, Death & Robots

17.  Mindhunter

18.  Marvel’s Jessica Jones

19.  Big Mouth

20. The Society

Despite the vast amount of competition, Netflix stood out for the high quality of its content, receiving 17 nominations in both the film and television categories for the upcoming 2020 Golden Globes. This also includes the streamer’s first-ever best-picture nomination for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

According to Stephan Paternot, CEO of Slated, the best-picture nod is proof Netflix and its competitors will rule the future of film and television. “Netflix is well-positioned to dominate across the entire board, discovering fresh shows that will attract and maintain viewers. Awards shows are finally recognizing streaming services, so all platforms will continue to create fresh content and recruit top talent.”

TV Time Chief Revenue Officer, Carol Hanley, discussed how the television landscape has evolved over the soon-to-culminate decade. “The explosion of Subscription Video on Demand services (SVODs) has created a global television audience for content. Today, a given piece of content can find success across many countries and platforms and is commonly translated into several languages. Local language series including La Casa de Papel, Elite and Dark were among the most-watched of the year and the development of original local language content only continues to grow.”

Netflix alone expects to grow their original local language content to 30 countries and the streamer has over 130 planned local language series set for 2020, per the company’s third quarter earnings.

Hanley also says the ability of a piece of content to travel with a viewer is a variable that wasn’t discussed a decade ago the way it is today. “The result is that a program's community of viewers is now global and can impact culture, politics and social issues in ways never seen before.”

According to eMarketer, over 75% of worldwide video consumption currently occurs on mobile devices and is poised to grow. The desire for entertainment on the go is only going to grow as people continue to binge-watch their favorite shows as they go about their daily lives.

Top-notch original content from a multitude of streaming services is leaving many consumers wondering what to watch next. So many choices, so little time! Now more so than ever before, we await rave reviews from friends and family to see what they’re watching so we can decide what shows and movies are worth a binge.

Stay tuned for the top 20 most-anticipated new and returning shows of 2020!