"The Last of Us" Editor Timothy Good, ACE on Creating This Year's Great Series Experience!
April 21, 2023

A series version of one of the best computer games of all time? How is it possible? Loved by critics and fans: the HBO series The Last of Us has masterfully shown that it works. And perhaps it is because at the bottom of the computer game from 2013, lies a good story. Series creators Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Last of Us video game) have created a deeply human drama that moves far beyond post-apocalyptic doomsday and zombies. There are engaging characters, emotional depth, tension and plenty of action. And then came episode 3! Bill and Frank: Perhaps one of the most beautiful love stories ever told on a screen.

NMD is joined by Timothy Good, who has edited the entire series. Timothy has a background as a producer, director and editor and will talk about this very special work, from computer games to TV drama. About complex characters, dramaturgy, a fragmented universe and about the series' existential themes. How many choices did Timothy and the series creators have to make to transform a video game action adventure into one of the best TV shows of the year by far? This, folks, we're looking forward to!

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