Press August 10, 2023

'Vacation Friends 2' Trailer Drops, Featuring Work from Cinematographer Tim Suhrstedt, ASC

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Press May 5, 2022

"Maybe I Do" Completes Cast with Tim Suhrstedt, ASC set to DP

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Press September 1, 2021

VACATION FRIENDS, Biggest 3-Day Weekend Opening For An Original In Hulu's History, Shot By Tim Suhrstedt, ASC

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Press July 21, 2021

First Trailer for VACATION FRIENDS, Lensed by Tim Suhrstedt, ASC, Shows How Wild John Cena Can Get

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Press October 22, 2019

Here Comes the Next Season of Silicon Valley, Lensed by Tim Suhrstedt

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Press January 29, 2019

The 20th Anniversary of Office Space: DP Tim Suhrstedt Weighs In On Its Oral History

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Tim Suhrstedt, ASC Biography

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