Press June 15, 2021

MARE OF EASTTOWN Editor Amy Duddleston On Weaving A Mystery Into A Human Story: “Drama Came First And The Who-Done-It Was Second”

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Press June 9, 2021

Editor Amy Duddleston, ACE on MARE OF EASTTOWN: "It’s knowing when to turn the screw and things get tighter"

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Press December 14, 2020

The TV Shows People Streamed the Most in 2020, Featuring Work from Various IA Clients

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Press December 20, 2019

Work by Innovative Artists' Clients Featured in 2019's Most Watched Shows Worldwide

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Press November 21, 2019

Amazon Drops New Teaser Trailer for HUNTERS, Featuring Work by DP Tim Norman, Editors Matt Barber, Amy Duddleston, and Elba Sanchez-Short

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Award March 29, 2019

Vida, Production Design by Ruth Ammon (S1) and Edited by Amy E. Duddleston (S2), Wins Outstanding Comedy Series at GLAAD Media Awards

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Press January 25, 2019

Watch Editors Tim Good and Amy Duddleston's Work on Umbrella Academy!

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Amy Duddleston, ACE Biography

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