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LUCIFER Season 5, Lensed by Tom Camarda, Becomes Biggest TV Series Opening Weekend Debut on Netflix
August 24, 2020

by Kasey Moore, What's New on Netflix

Lucifer season 5 has just touched down on Netflix and not only is the series trending worldwide, it’s also broke the TV record in being the biggest opening weekend for a TV series on Netflix beating The Umbrella Academy

For those unaware, Lucifer is a series Netflix scooped up from Fox from season 4 onwards. Season 5 is set to be split into two halves plus the series was given a surprise second revival with season 6 also in the works.

Thanks to exclusive data from FlixPatrol, we’re able to run through some of the states from Lucifer season 5 on its opening weekend.

It’s important to note that this data is only applicable from the end of February 2020 when Netflix began its top 10 feature.

In total, Lucifer scored 670 points over its opening weekend. The top spot in a country is worth 10 points, position 10 is worth 1 point, and not being in the top 10 is worth 0. FlixPatrol’s webmaster points out it’s a shame it didn’t get 4 points less for the magic 666.

Its opening weekend means it beat The Umbrella Academy (which had 643 points) and is now the most successful debut on Netflix for a TV series since the debut of the top 10 feature.

It rises to the fourth biggest opening weekend debut overall with The Old Guard sitting at position 1, Project Power at 2, The Kissing Booth 2 at position 3.

The series reigned at the top of the top 10 charts on Netflix around the world with a few exceptions.

The countries that didn’t see Lucifer rise to the top spot (although did feature within the top 10s) were:

• Ireland

• Hong Kong

• Japan

• South Korea

• Vietnam

• Thailand

• Taiwan

• Colombia

In Ireland (which is the only English speaking country listed above) the series was beat out by The Fall and Dirty John.

In most of the Asian countries, Lucifer was unable to dethrone It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It also didn’t feature at all in the Netflix Germany top 10 but that’s because Amazon Prime (somehow) still holds the rights to all seasons plus the newly created Netflix seasons too. Netflix UK also doesn’t have access to the first three seasons which still reside with Amazon Prime.

You can see more data from what’s popular around the world right here on What’s on Netflix or you can head over to our friends at FlixPatrol who have even more data for you data nerds out there.

Director of Photography: Tom Camarda