Erin Orr's Instagram @paperbagwaist Makes Designer Fashions Accessible With Sewing Patterns
February 7, 2019

Seamwork.com, October 2018

Have you ever seen a designer garment and thought, I would love to find a sewing pattern like that? Well, there’s an Instagram account that will help you match your favorite designer and ready-to-wear looks to sewing patterns.

Paperbagwaist is run by Erin Orr, a costume designer and supervisor for film and television who learned to sew while she was working her way up in the industry. She’s mostly self-taught, learning from “a lot of trial and error.”

“My motto is ‘there’s a pattern for that!’ because in most cases, there really is! It’s often vintage, and may need a few tweaks, but fashion is so cyclical. Most of what we are being sold has come down the pipeline before in one way or another. And there is nothing more satisfying than being able to say ‘I made it!’ when someone compliments your outfit.”

Erin’s Instagram account gives you a quick and easy way to compare the style lines on patterns to the clothing you find in your favorite boutique. It’s inspiring when you are looking for an adventurous new project—and it leads to some fun hunts on Etsy or eBay to find an out-of-print pattern. 


Follow Paperbagwaist and give pattern-matching a try! And Erin loves to hear your success stories, “The absolute best is when someone is inspired to make something from a pattern I posted—and then shares it with me!”